• Understand that The United States of America is Judeo-Christian on the basis of its moral values.

• Know that America is unique/exceptional in that it was founded on equal justice and liberty

• Realize that America's Constitution must be strictly followed if this Nation is to remain free.

• Reveal the poor understanding that Christianity and Islam cannot co-exist.

• Know that there are hidden forces that seek to destroy this Nation.

• Understand that without involvement in government, Christians will fail the founders and God.

• Recognize that involving your family in your work and ideals strengthens the family and Nation.

• Understand that there is an absolute right and it has been established by a Superior Authority.

• Realize that this Nation is at a turning point between following God or following man.

• Know that it is time for Christians to be faithful and courageously standup for what is righteous.


We have assembled for the event four speakers of renown.
All are from diverse and eclectic backgrounds making this
a truly worth while versatile & multifaceted event.